Sunday, 28 December 2014

Les Enquetes du Commisaire Maigret

TV series. Tina Aumont appears in the chapter 53 titled "Le Voleur de Maigret" (English translation as "Maigret's Thief") as Laurence.

Paul Besson (Jean-Loup Wolff) is in a cafe. He discovers on a table a portfolio that exceeds the pocket of a coat that a customer has just left on the table, the man steals the wallet out of coffee and takes a taxi. Opening the wallet, he discovers a police card belonging to Maigret (Jean Richard)...
While Paul Besson is watching at TV images of a fashion show, Maigret rings the doorbell. Paul Besson him and he tells Maigret that he is a film maker and he talks about his wife, Sophie (Valentine Monier), who does modeling and appeared in small roles in movies. Later on he admits the reason for his call: he shows in the bedroom, the body of Sophie, lying on the bed, killed by a bullet.

Later, Maigret finds Lucas (François Cadet), and the two men go to meet the producer Carus (Jean Deschamps), who handled the career of Sophie. Maigret learns that Carus, and especially by his wife, Nora (Ewa Swan), are looking after the Besson couple. Carus fell in love for Sophie and he imagined a movie career for her and gave her money to live full with her glory. Paul Besson is happy himself with writing screenplays and film critics, but Carus did not like him.

Maigret, who finds it difficult to form an opinion on Paul Besson, and due to the lack of evidence to convict him, sends Lucas looking for information on the modeling agency that directs Nora. Then he went to Besson's home. There he tells him how he met Sophie and how he met Carus .

Maigret, after a visit to Nora, he eventually reconstructs the strange ties between the protagonists: Paul Besson was in love with his wife and jealous of Carus, but he did it let it be because he did'nt had the means to make Sophie live properly; Sophie had Besson, and also Carus for her career, but she had a strong character, that was opposed to the weaknesses of her husband. Carus fell in love with Sophie, and for Nora, after two meetings with Paul Besson, she fell in love with him. He lets it be, once again, by a woman who's got a stronger character than his.

While Lucas continues to glean information on Paul Besson, Sophie, Carus, Nora, and to all those who gravitate around them, Maigret in his office, receives a visit from Paul Besson's father (Louis Arbessier), which confirms the impressions of Maigret: Paul Besson has always been weak and tormented
While an inspector is on duty outside the building where PaulBesson lives, he escapes the scrutiny of the police and fled in his car. Maigret learns that Nora has planned a trip to Japan, and she wants to go with Paul Besson.
At the airport, while Nora and Paul Besson are preparing to leave, he shows himself agitated and tormented again. Paul Besson finally finds phone booth, where he calls a show that hosts interactive listening and he confesses to having killed his wife.
Maigret and his men go to the airport and Paul Besson commits suicide.

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