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A difficult year for Tina...

1964 was a very difficult year for Tina. She was married with Christian Marquand and she got pregnant from him. By Autumn she gave birth to a baby who died immediately because it had no bones. After all this, Tina realized she didn't want to be just the wife of a filmmaker, she wanted her own career, that's why in December she travelled to Hollywood, to sign a film contract.

Tina Aumont and husband Christian Marquand pictured at their home in March.

Singer Leo Ferre presenting new record here with Jean Pierre Aumont, Jean Marais, Eddie Barclay, Claude Coster and Tina Aumont Marquand (daughter of Jean pierre Aumont) april 08, 1964 © Rue des Archives/AGIP

Assorted photos of 1964

Tina Marquand wearing Chanel, Life Magazine, 1964.
Photo by Pierre Boulat.

 These photos were taken in Autumn 1964. In these pics you can see the big belly Tina had as soon she would have had a baby. The first three pics are taken while they were on holiday in France and their care broke off (October 1964). (My scans from a Spanish vintage magazine).

Tina pictured in Autumn 1964 at an unknown event (Scan from French vintage magazine)


Tina Aumont Marquand at 19 as she had signed a contract with Hollywood december 23, 1964. Scan from Spanish Hola magazine (6th February 1965) by Little Queenies for ,please if you use it give FULL CREDIT. Thank you!
©Rue des Archives/AGIP