Sunday, 19 October 2014

La Bande Du Rex

Directed by Jean-Henri Meunier.
What do Patricia (Charlotte Kid), Badou (Dominique Pennors), François (Pierre Pradinas), Dingo (Christophe Véri) and P'tit Jeannot (Rémi Walter) have in common? They live in the Paris suburbs, they are young, they are on the verge of breaking away from school, from the working world or from the Army. Their meeting place is "La Javanaise", a bar held by no-nonsense Janine (Nathalie Délon) and her lighter husband Lucien (Lucky Blondo). There they mix with their idol, Daniel, also known as Frankie Mégalo (Jacques Higelin), a film projectionist and a rocker without a band. Most of the efforts of these born idlers will consist in finding a band and a venue for Frankie to perform and in laying hands on cash by means fair or foul to go to the Southern sun. Tina Aumont plays the role of Angélina, Frankie Mégalo's girlfriend.