Saturday, 4 October 2014

4th October: International animal's Day

Circa 1948 - Tina, her mum Maria Montez, her dad Jean Pierre Aumont and a lovely cat. Photo from e-bay.

November 1953 - Jean Pierre Aumont and his daughter Tina at their home in Rueil Malmaison. (Photo by Willy Rizzo/Paris Match via Getty Images)

Tina Aumont pictured at her Villa she shared with Frédéric Pardo in Rome with their dogs. Photos by Chiara Samugheo. My scans.

Tina Aumont in L'Alibi, 1969.

Tina Aumont with the duckling Rico, a butterfly and a lion in Tinto Brass L'urlo, 1968. Ny scans and ny screencaps.

1969 - Tina Aumont pictured by Mario Dondero in Positano. My Scan.

Tina Aumont and Frédéric Pardo with their cat pictured in 1969. My Scan.

November 1979 Tina Aumont at home in Paris with her yorkshire (Photo by Francois Pages/Paris Match via Getty Images)

Tina Aumont with a white persian cat and Anna Bielska in Tinto Brass film Giulia, 1999. My Screencaps.